Inventory Roadmaps Industry 4.0

In Baden-Württemberg, the manufacturing industry plays a central role in the state’s competitiveness and innovative strength. In Baden-Württemberg, an above-average share of the market performance is provided by the industrial companies themselves and not bought in. Securing the state’s future is an extremely important concern and technologies and systems of “Industry 4.0” play a central role in this context.

Technology roadmapping has been recognised as an important form and method of structured technology planning and determination of industry 4.0 requirements. However, it is not yet known which different technology roadmaps exist that show a comprehensive technology path to industry 4.0, how the specific prerequisites (strengths and weaknesses) of industry in Baden-Württemberg can be included and whether and how these roadmaps can be used to derive company-specific R&D and transformation paths that can also be used by SMEs.

The aim of this project is to conduct a structured inventory of the existing technology roadmaps for the future transformation to industry 4.0. Based on this overview of the relevant roadmaps and their determinant technology areas, a further synthesis is to take place, which will
– Identifies and compares similarities and overlaps between the individual roadmaps,
– differences in the fields of technology involved,
– identify and visualise differences in the development over time and the interrelationships between the technology fields involved