Context of the project:

In Baden-Württemberg, the manufacturing industry plays a central role in the state’s competitiveness and innovative strength. In order to secure their future, “Industry 4.0” technologies and systems are of decisive importance. This is based on the intelligent, real-time, horizontal and vertical networking of value-added processes and business models. In the core, the prerequisites for a highly flexible and at the same time highly efficient production are to be created, which makes it possible to manufacture highly individualised products under the economic framework conditions of a mass manufacturer. Industry in Baden-Württemberg has excellent prerequisites for this. These are based, on the one hand, on the fundamental innovative strength of Baden-Württemberg’s industry and, on the other, on the strength of the local mechanical and plant engineering industry, which, in conjunction with information and communication technology (ICT) with a primarily industrial focus, is regarded as the world’s leading “factory supplier”. This proves the high innovative strength and the good prerequisites in BadenWürttemberg for a successful change towards an “Industry 4.0”.


The aim of this project is to develop concrete and promising application scenarios for Industry 4.0 for industrial companies in Baden-Württemberg,

  • which promise a high added value for the user companies in Baden-Württemberg,
  • which usually require the intelligent integration of various key enabling technologies and their demand-oriented design, and
  • which build on the existing strengths of industry and research in Baden-Württemberg and at the same time address topics in which the participating companies see a great need for action and support.

Of the application scenarios identified in the project, the ones in which the participating companies see the highest potential added value and a clear need for action and support that could be addressed in funded collaborative projects involving industry and research will be further concretised.