The workshop, jointly organised by the two BMBF joint projects ChampNet and StaySmart, highlighted both challenges and concrete solution modules for better identification of bottleneck competencies and networking of the corresponding competence bearers in companies through the lectures and discussions. In the marketplace and in the concluding panel discussion with four practical partners, the approximately 30 participants were vividly shown where the highly dynamic nature of industry 4.0 and digital change processes presents both obstacles and potentials for both offline and online networking of the key players.

The short summary of the ChampNet research and industry partners:

The complexity of the identified bottleneck competences (network, overview and integration competences) and the inherent, implicit experience knowledge require work-integrated solutions. In ChampNet these usually started “offline” in order to create the necessary personal trust. They were subsequently broadened in the partner companies by digital social networks, e.g. “Communities of Practice” or Best Practice Networks. Platforms must not be created in isolation, but must be integrated into the tool world and everyday working life of those involved. It is crucial that the concrete benefits for the individual are communicated clearly and unambiguously.

The results of the CATI study by ILIN (link to results: underline the broad need for action among German value creation champions, who are a decisive driving force of the German economy. The key competencies identified in the project all prove to be (very) important for the innovative ability of more than 70% of the value creation champions surveyed. However, only one third of the companies surveyed use digital platforms to (competence) network their employees.