Running projects

project duration
AgileHybrid Agile competence development for networked work in hybrid business models of medium-sized companies in the building and building technology sector January, 2019-December, 2021
ProBot Proactive diagnosis and design of CoBot deployment in German small and medium-sized companies February, 2019-January, 2022

Finished Projects

project duration
Application scenarios I4.0 Ba-Wü Identification and description of urgent application scenarios for industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg December 2017-October, 2018
Requirements analysis AEN Analysis of the needs and requirements of an innovation park for high-tech production technology (production park Karlsruhe PPK) September, 2013-January, 2014
Inventory Roadmaps Industry 4.0 inventory and synthesis of relevant technology roadmaps for the future development of industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg May, 2017-June, 2017
ChampNet Networking of competences for hidden champions with social media environments May, 2015-July, 2018
Digital-networked thinking in production Digital-networked thinking in production – key competences for the industry 4.0 December, 2015-October, 2016
(Deutsch) DyWaMed development of a simulation-based tool for the dynamic control of the adaptability of integrated value chains in medical technology September 2010-October 2013
EmployID Scalable & cost-effective facilitation of professional identity transformation in public employment services February, 2014-April, 2018
Global Production 2012 (Deutsch) [:en:]development of relocations of production and German industry since the global economic crisis in 2009Entwicklung der Produktionsverlagerungen und Rückverlagerungen der deutschen Industrie seit der globalen Wirtschaftskrise 2009 October, 2012-March, 2013
Globalisation highly qualified people trends of globalisation and relocation among highly qualified people October, 2016-March, 2017
Learning Layers Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters November, 2012-October, 2016
MAKERS Smart Manufacturing for EU growth and prosperity January, 2016-December, 2018
MATURE Continuous Social Learning in Knowledge Networks April, 2008-June, 2012
Quick check industry 4.0 development of a discussion guide on industry 4.0 for consultants of the RKW-BW December, 2015-April, 2016
SIP study Study of industrial synergies between Suzhou und Baden-Wuerttemberg January, 2014-December, 2014
Strahlen 4.0 Conception of a data-based valuation model and a service-based business model for a smart blasting process October, 2017-June, 2020
Strategy process China Moderation and support of the process for the further development of the strategy of the "Mixed Working Groups" with the Chinese partner provinces Jiangsu and Liaoning of the State of Baden-Württemberg January, 2016-June, 2016
VDI digitalization and relocation Digitalization and relocation behaviour in the German industry ­– trends and relations October, 2016-May, 2017
Value creation is worthwhile Advantages and necessity of local value chains September, 2014-May, 2015
(Deutsch) Wertschöpfungspotentiale 4.0 Evaluation of the unused value creation potentials of the Baden-Württemberg and German industry in times of digitalization of value creation (Industry 4.0) July, 2019-July, 2020